Warning Sounds Indicating Trouble with Your Car & Tires

Indicating Trouble with Your Car & Tires

If you have a new car or perhaps you’ve altered an old one, you are pretty much obsessed with that vvvrrrroommmm sound right. But what about those warning sounds?

Car owners – especially the pro-motorists – want their cars to yell out with that dynamic sound and show off. Yeah! It’s somewhat justifiable as they have spent a substantial amount on it. Inevitably, sounds coming from modern cars can be really inspiring. But what people just don’t want to hear is those annoying warning sounds that let you know that things aren’t perhaps all good under the hood.
For every car owner, it’s important to know that many automotive issues have the ability to alter the noises your car makes typically. For instance; poor alignment can cause squeaking while taking a turn. To help you recognize the red signals, we have highlighted some warning sounds that’ll indicate that it’s high time you should take your car to the service center. So let’s dive in;

Chirping Engine

First of all, it might sound like there’s a bird trapped under the hood perhaps. Well, it might be true so you can check for that at first. In most case, such kind of sound – the chirps – are likely to happen intermittently and may even change frequency depending on the type of driving you to do. Normally, this sound is because the timing or serpentine belt in the engine is either loose or damaged.
You can adjust some automotive belts, while others might have to be replaced. If the problems if left unaddressed, chances are the loose belt can permanently damage the engine. Not to mention, excessive wear may even cause the belt to break while you are driving.

Clunking Hood

Some of the engine noises sound like they come from the hood. But that’s not the case all the time. Have you heard the sounds like someone is keeping time by simply tapping on the hood from time to time? It’s high time you should inspect what’s going under the hood.
In most cases, this sound comes from the pistons or connecting rods in the engine. It’s is imperative to find the actual source of the sound in order to avoid costly repairs of damage that are normally caused by the affected pistons or rods.

Rattling Wheel

There are many car noises are reminiscent of another sound. Do you hear tattling from your wheels? It often resembles that sound a small object makes while continually turning over in a clothes dryer. It clearly means that something’s is wrong with the way your wheels are attached to the car. Perhaps a lug nut might have come loose & started rattling. So make sure you get SUV tire and wheels checked ASAP.

Roaring Undercarriage

It’s the sound that’s very similar to the one when you are going over a bridge on a windy day. Except for all the noises, you don’t stop once you get to the solid road again. Most probably, this noise comes from an issue with the wheels. If that’s the case, you will have to replace the tires or have the bearings tightened/replaced or might even need to get the tires balanced to fix it.


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