Why Your Car Tyres Wear So Quickly?


Replacing worn tyres is something inescapable yet, we all do it with a sigh. Tyres don’t come cheap and we all have the urge to spend the same money on more delightful things. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; changing a few habits combined with wise shopping would definitely lead to slower tyre wear, less frequent replacement and a comfortable, safer ride. But why your tyres wear so quickly in the first place? Let’s have a look and what you can do about it.

Underinflated Tyres

Under-inflated tyres wear faster on the edges because it reduces the footprint or the total area from the tyre’s center point which comes in contact with the road. During the condition, more weight of the car bears down on the stiffed edges which eventually increase the wear. Many motorists keep their focus only on poor fuel economy rather than under-inflated tyres but, both are correlated as such tyres need more energy and friction to move which increases fuel consumption. A survey revealed that under-inflated tyres, even at 10% results in equal amount of tyre mileage loss.

Over-inflated Tyres

You’re probably thinking that under-inflated tyres wear faster but over-inflated ones would perform at their optimum, right! That’s definitely incorrect as even this particular situation increases the tyre wear time but the only difference is that over-inflated tyres wears from the center, rather than edges. A much simpler solution for both the problems is regularly checking the inflation pressure. Tyres can lose between 1-and-2 psi per month however, pressure can change with environmental temperature and the way you drive the tyres on the road.

Aggressive Driving

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting a tyre’s lifestyle is your driving style and if it’s aggressive, remember that tyres would surely wear quicker than their defined lifestyle. Aggressive acceleration, abrupt braking, speedy cornering and other such can surely compromise the tyre’s performance and quality alongside safety of you and your vehicle. Smooth and peaceful driving is the key to get the most of your tyres so learn to anticipate the road rather than accelerating or braking more than you need to. One more factor to avoid the aggressive driving if you are providing chauffeur service to your client you have to take care of car tyres, the safety of client and safety of your self too.

Worn Suspension & Incorrect Wheel Alignment

Let’s not forget that various tyre-wear issues rise due to poor suspension or misalignment of the wheel. Take for instance collapsed control arm bushings or twisted struts that wear down the camber either on the tyre’s edge or shoulder. Unless yours is a mega-mind that understands technicalities of the tyre, the only solution is visiting a tyre expert to perform correct diagnosis and offer accurate solution.

Yours Aren’t Durable Tyres

All tyres look alike; round black hoops however, not all are created equally and in the end, the quality of the tyre you chose make a huge difference to overall experience and longevity. It’s a proven fact that investing in premium and branded Dunlop tyres surely gives the best road performance and a comfortable ride. Motorists compromise quality over the cost but in the long run, frequent maintenance of low quality or used tyres would cost equal or too close to the price of branded tyre.


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