How to protect the thresholds of the car. From scratches

German Lederhosen

The question for owners of new cars is sick. Especially if you take a car, say, for a private cart, then in a fairly short period of time, plastic sills (and door cards) can be chipped, scratched and scratched! All because – the mileage may not be large, but the landings and exits of customers are MUCH. They have “stilettos”, big shoes, etc. And if you have a child, and even more so two (as long as they are few years old), it is VERY difficult to explain that it is impossible to stand on the threshold, and especially its plastic component. When selling a car, it is very striking – that the plastic is wiped. There is no longer a “well-kept car” effect. In general, who protects plastic, for myself, I derived an inexpensive but effective formula. 

In this article I will try to tell both about store methods (specialized), and about ordinary household (which can be found in any large supermarket).

How to protect?

Now there are only two methods:

  • Specialized protective coatings (RAPTOR type)
  • Protective films

The meaning is left alone, something must be applied on top of the threshold or plastic so that the coating under it remains whole.

But it seems to me coating type RAPTORA and similar, not quite suitable for this. This is essentially a paint, and it does not have a smooth coating (but a rough one), of course it protects well, but it looks exactly on the doorsteps – it is AWFUL! Therefore, this is not our method, although there are owners who cover it.

The film is more interesting here, it quickly glues, protects well, can be as transparent – matte – and in the color of plastic (black, white, or even beige). It seems to me that this is our method, even if it is torn or worn out, then it can be torn off and then glued a new one. YES and when selling cars – thresholds will be like new. And this is + 100 to charisma!

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Specialized films

Actually coating manufacturers have come up with this type of protection a long time ago, for example, 3M or USB has been producing such coatings for a long time. Transparent (matte) – black and white are popular.

It is promised that it will not fall off the body and that the most important thing from plastic will be to sit on it very firmly.

As the manufacturer usually writes, how cool they are – they have the best glue, the surface stretches very well, withstands physical damage, etc.

In principle, probably all. The only thing that is not pleasant is the PRICE, like german lederhosen, about 1200 -1800 rubles for a strip 15X1500cm. It seems to me a little expensive.

We are looking for in the nearest supermarket

Some wrote to me – “Yes, what’s the problem, stick a wide tape, that’s all.” BUT this method is not suitable! Why? Yes, everything is simple – an ordinary adhesive tape does not rest on the plastic of the thresholds, or rather, it seems to stick, but very quickly falls off – NOT OUR METHOD.

Something else is needed and in principle there are solutions:

  • Self-adhesive decorative film. Sold in every building material supermarket (LERUA-MERLENA type)
  • Marker film. Used for writing boards

I will start with the marker option – it is more expensive, but it is perfectly kept on the plastic of the thresholds (and on some other), and it is not so easy to buy it. It is sold mainly in large rolls, for example 45x2000cm or 90x2000cm. The price is about 800 – 1200 rubles.

How to apply?

In principle, protect thresholds in this way easily and quickly. As I wrote, this decorative covering keeps very firmly (many times better than adhesive tape). Yes, and it is much thicker, will last for a long time, I have been glued for two months and do not tear and fall off.

In general, it is easy and simple to glue (the same “self-adhesive”) – we cut off the strip of the desired shape, clean it up the place where it will glue it and wash it (I rub it with alcohol, you can use vodka) – wait until it dries and actually glue it.